Sprockets play an integral role when conveying product. Whether it’s on an assembly line that runs 24/7 or an agricultural harvester used annually, production halts when sprockets don’t perform. Longevity of sprocket life is not only beneficial in initial sprocket cost and downtime, but also in the life of the chain. When sprocket wear occurs, chain life degrades due to sprockets no longer in pitch with chain. Black Ace sprockets provide long life and accurate pitch integrity to reduce operational costs in multiple industries.

Sprocket Profile – The Teeth of Your Production

  • Flame-cut with precision for accurate pitch integrity and long life
  • Hardened sprockets available for virtually all styles and applications
  • Custom applications available upon request
  • Thicknesses ranging from 5/8" to 4"

Split Style Construction – An Easy Cinch

  • For convenience and reduced downtime, our sprockets are split as a standard. Pitch integrity is maintained due to our manufacturing process.
  • The split sprocket has a dual purpose: make installation fast and easy, and clamp onto the shaft. Setscrews are not necessary with our split sprocket.
  • Multiple bore and keyway configurations available
  • Grade 5 bolts hold the mated halves together
  • Multiple mountings available