Grease is a vital component of your bearings. When bearing shields and seals become damaged from your equipment’s environment, grease is lost or contaminated. No one plans on bearing failure, but it’s sure to get everyone’s attention when it occurs. Bearings are cheap in comparison to downtime. Protection of vital areas prone to abusive environments deserves attention. Trust Black Ace bearing protectors to keep your bearings safe from harm.

  • Made to protect your bearings in adverse environments such as vine wrap, mud, rocks and other foreign particles
  • Protects entire Bearing shield and seal area
  • Commonly used in conjunction with spherical bearings
  • Design and production for custom applications
  • Made of steel for toughness and strength
  • Made for various bearing sizes and brands
  • Marked for easy identification
  • Collar Locking series replaces standard Collar Lock
  • Made exclusively for Original Equipment Manufacturers